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The Best HostGator Coupon Code Will Save You Money

With more than ten years of experience as a web domain management firm, Host Gator has become a leader in the online industry. This company goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide its users with exactly what … Continue reading

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Reasons You Need a Hostgator Discount Coupon

There are a wide variety of different reasons that you really need to use a Hostgator discount coupon for your web hosting needs.  The biggest one of these is that you need to be able to save money on the … Continue reading

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VPS Hosting vs. Shared hosting

In VPS hosting (virtual private server hosting), the customer has a partition on a larger computer with its own operating system. However, this is not the same as shared hosting. In shared hosting, customers still have their own partition. However, … Continue reading

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Managed Hosting is a Form of Dedicated Hosting Service

In managed hosting, the ISP leases the server for a certain period to the user. Each server remains dedicated to one particular client; hence, the name dedicated web hosting. The main advantage of this type of hosting is that the … Continue reading

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A Support Controversy: A GreenGeeks Coupon Could Fix It

Typically, web hosting companies can be categorized by those with excellent support teams and those with poor ones. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with GreenGeeks. Many people received excellent service with no problems at all. Others, though, … Continue reading

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How to be Successful in Reseller Hosting

Many of the qualities it takes to do well in a corporate business also apply to reseller hosting. It is hard to win people over, but very easy to lose their business. With a little thought, you can be successful … Continue reading

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Free CSS Template Customizing

A free CSS template can be easily customized. Along with the CSS template that is downloaded free from the net, one also receives a sample file that aids in getting started with working and modifying CSS templates. In the sample … Continue reading

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Data control is of a very high standard with UK web hosting

UK companies offering UK web hosting packages are able to access these same data control systems to ensure that all their customers do not have to worry about lapses in internet security. This also means you get access to high … Continue reading

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Salient Features of Free Joomla Templates

When looking through the collection of free Joomla templates available, you might want to consider Modulus, Nebulae, or Entropy. In particular, Modulus is the June ‘11 template release, equipped with excellent features like Color Chooser and a host of incredible … Continue reading

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Joomla Hosting Coupons

A number of discounts and coupons are available for those hosting through Joomla. Many companies regularly offer promotional discounts, with deals that deduct prices on a one-time monthly basis, or others that can span annually for 12 months or more. … Continue reading

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