A Support Controversy: A GreenGeeks Coupon Could Fix It

Typically, web hosting companies can be categorized by those with excellent support teams and those with poor ones. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with GreenGeeks. Many people received excellent service with no problems at all. Others, though, had to deal with decidedly awful service.

A regular source of complaint seems to be the technical support team. They apparently do one of two things: They either ignore the problem they have been alerted about and simply blame it on the customer, or they go overboard with the technical jargon which just pushes customers away in droves. Also, technical support seems to be down or unavailable far more often than the other branches of support.

Another problem that many had an issue with was the billing branch of the support team. They were generally unresponsive and completely unhelpful for those who had issues. However, maybe if those people had received a GreenGeeks coupon, they would have been more accommodating regarding the not so great support situation.

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